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Ok i’m not a fanfic writer… and actually i suck at writing. But i have this scene playing in my mind and i had to share so….

* * *

Felicity: She is such a cute baby, isn’t she? And Diggle will be an amazing dad.

Oliver: Yeah…

Felicity: When i see babies… i want to have babies. Don’t you want babies too?

Oliver: ………?

Felicity: I mean not with me… I’m not implying that i want to have babies with you…

Oliver: …….? *amused face*

Felicity: I mean not that something is wrong with you… You’re obviously a very healthy young hot man.

Oliver: ….? *he’s now grinning like an idiot*

Felicity: Dammit… We haven’t even gone on ‘teh date’ yet and i’m talking about babies…

Oliver: Felicity…

Felicity: It’s just that…. i’m really nervous… about the date and…

*Oliver leans in…. *

Felicity: Oliver?

Oliver: I’m nervous too…

*He cups her face…* *Felicity smiles… *

-Oh, no…we’re…he and I are not…no, I do not like Oliver.
-Does everyone really think that Felicity and I are…?

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Is there a logical explanation for the “they are not going to kiss” speculations i’m seeing in the Olicity tag or is it just the pessimistic voice that’s talking?

Listen. Oliver and Felicity are kissing… And in the actual scene we’ll see the lip locking in all it’s glory and hopefully we’ll also see it from different angles. It’s waiting to be released to the world on October 8th. How do i know it? I just do. Before things go crazy and dark for our babies they’ll have a little happiness. And that little but ‘real’ happiness will give them enough reason to not let go one another. They wont be able to move on -no matter how hard they try- bcoz they’ll know what they can have together. Maybe they can find some sort of happiness with other people but Oliver and Felicity can make each other the happiest. What they have is real, pure and powerful. They’ll know it bcoz they’ll experience it even for a very brief time in 301. So enjoy the footage. Go crazy.

A very angsty season is waiting for us. But at least we’ll get great stuff in 301 to keep us going.


Yesterday: “you need to be in my bed” “stay in my place tonight”

Today: Olicity kiss


Olicity wedding in season 5?

95 % of the Olicity fandom already guessed or speculated that we’re gonna get a kiss in 301. But when it’s confirmed we still lost it. LMAO I love our fandom. Olicity madness is the best kind!

I’m on a holiday and instead of going to the beach i’m in my hotel room squeeing while watching the new promo over and over again. Also different versions of the Olicity kiss gifs are opened on different tags on my browser so i can stare at them till October 8th! I repeat i’m on a holiday… also 35 and single. Thank you Arrow writers for ruining my life.

So when i see the promo…. I was like this

It took me like 15 minutes to form a word.

I mean look at THIS!

The way he cups her face with both hands… the way she graps his arm… The smile on her face that says “finally”… It’s so perfect!!!

Btw are they in a hospital? Wtf?

Maybe they are there to see Dig and Lyla’s baby? Oh damn! I can smell all the great fanfictions being written while i’m typing this!

Ok so before i end this ridicilous post lets take a look at the kiss in black and white…

So freaking perfect!

Is it October yet?

P.s: Not my gifs… But I am super thankful to all the amazing gif makers for making this post happen. LOL


 Teases for the Arrow digital comics out September  (x) (x)

It’s official… Arrow writers read fanfiction! I suspect some of them are on tumblr and already members of the Olicity fandom. LOL

So I’m not actually an Arrow writer…


Anon asked: I feel like the ray palmer thing is doing olicity a disservice. Because we know how it begins and ends there’s no suspense. His characters sole and only purpose is to get in the way it’s just a stupid and over played out typical tv thing :-(

Anon asked: It just feels like we already know how olicity is going to play out this season which is sad I was hoping for something amazing not something every single tv show does now (triangle, jealousy) very disappointed in that aspect.

These two just felt like they went together.

Okay…everybody gets that I’m NOT an Arrow writer right? I am completely GUESSING here friends. I could be completely wrong. No one will admit that faster than…well…me. LOL. I don’t think I am…but nonetheless it’s an absolute possibility. Look, Felicity could run off with Ray Palmer at the end of the season and start having his babies in Gotham city and Oliver could abandon everything that makes him Oliver Queen and only be THE ARROW….

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New! Arrow: Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak (Olicity) vid: The Light by djcprod

I don’t reblog vids often but you guys need to watch this one. djcprod was one of my all times fav Lost vidders and imagine my surprise when i saw that he made a vid for Olicity/Arrow. I couldn’t be happier.

Also check this one out if you haven’t already 

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