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He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.

There is no part of my brain that is equipped to handle these photos in any sort of rational manner.

They get better & better as the post goes on.



Anonymous asked:

what do you think about this theory: team arrow finds out about slade using QC's applied science division to develop mirakuru. felicity comes up with the plan to plant explosives (or something to that effect), thus causing a set-back in slade's plan. He knows that felicity is the brains of the team and goes to the lair to eliminate her from the equation?

Well it’s a good theory. But then again Isabel knew Oliver was the Arrow and Felicity was in his team all along. So IMO Slade should already know Felicity is the brains of the team.

arrow ep.19 speculation

So…. The only person Slade hasn’t met/interacted yet is Felicity. He met Moira, Thea, Laurel, Dig, Roy and even Detective Lance too…

A month ago in one of my episode reviews i said “Felicity will be Slade’s end game” i’m still thinking the same way.

We know that in the next episode Slade will visit the lair. IMO he’s only there to see Felicity and how Oliver reacts when she’s in danger. I’m sure Isabel already told him that Oliver cares about Felicity but Slade will want to make sure she’s the ‘one’ if he wants Oliver to suffer the same way he did when he lost Shado. 

We also have a few hints that Felicity mirrors Shado -in a way-.

In the first half of the season team arrow paralled team island…               oliver-felicity-dig / oliver-shado-slade

Just like Shado, Felicity helps Oliver to pull himself together. Both girls -in their own respective ways- are Oliver’s rock. Shado in the island, Felicity in Starling.

Slade/Shado relationship is platonic like Olicity… There’s care, respect and feelings there but they’re friends. 

Now most probably Slade will go after Felicity with the intention to kill her but since we all know that Felicity will be alright in the end so no need to freak out. (i don’t think Felicity will be paralyzed btw)  

I’m just gonna sit and enjoy the remaining episodes. They will be sooo freaking good. I have no doubt.


A lot of people talk about the ‘Olicity’ ship, but for me what makes this show more than the ship, is just Felicity Smoak’s overall character. I watch this show for two reasons. I am a comic book geek, and I love Felicity. She’s just so real, and so flawed and so perfect all at once. People are…



we are here and we will be, Following our own way

No matter what you say, We are here and we’re here to stay

We are here to stay

Dedicated to Olicity Fandom, thank you for all the tweets, memorable videos, incredible fanarts, great graphics, amazing fanfictions, all olicity gifset even though we only had a minute scene and all of you who posted their positive thoughts about olicity, you make olicity hiatus bearable

Special thanks to smoakandarrow and oliver-and-felicity (thanks for the info guys).


"He could very much care about Sara, but what’s the thing that we know about Sara? She can take care of herself. Part of what Oliver said to Felicity in that episode is that he doesn’t know if he’s willing to open himself up to having feelings for her, if in fact he does, because the danger is so imminent when you’re in close proximity to him…. Him working with her and her working with him is one thing, but a relationship is another." - Stephen Amell.


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