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HERE YOU GO BABIES!! : Arrow Season 2 Bloopers

Arrow The complete second season DVD release:

→ Stephen Amell & Emily Bett Rickards on the season 2 Gag reel.
Anonymous asked
FYI. The music section of the most recent EW has an interview with the woman who chooses songs for CW songs. Arrow is mentioned with a specific song - might be interesting to add to your blog. Have a good day.


Thanks, Anon!  I actually subscribe to Entertainment Weekly (did it for their awesome Arrow/Olicity coverage), so I had to go check this out after your message.

In the September 19/26 2014 edition (#1329/1330 - it’s a double issue), in the music section, there’s a fun article with Season Kent, music supervisor, who chooses music for Arrow, along with other shows like Revenge.

One of the things I love about Entertainment Weekly’s digital editions is that their articles and sections like these are interactive, so like you can see on the image below, you get to do fun stuff like listen to audio previews for songs.  It’s pretty cool.  Anyway, here’s a cap of the article with the specific Arrow mention.  It’s a great song and gee. I wonder what they’d use it for.  *cou-Olicity-gh*

and since you can’t preview the song off a screencap (LOL) you CAN listen to it here.

I’ll go find a box of tissue now.

Thanks for the head’s up, Anon!

We start off the third season with a gigantic action set piece. You’ve seen pieces of it in the preview for Season 3, and it is myself, Diggle, Roy, and his whole costume. And then of course Felicity at the helm. And it’s just all of us kicking ass. And it’s good.

Stephen Amell at Montreal Comic Con

'Felicity at the helm' tho

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Felicity is the Queen already!

“Someone certainly enjoys making an entrance.”

And that’s how you enter a room…

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khaleesiofthegarrison asked
Hi! Sorry if this is sudden or if this might sound weird, but you are one of the reasons that I binge watched Arrow and I am now in love with it! Okay, carry on :)

OMG! You made my day. *hugs*

You know the other day i was thinking whether my constant Olicity/Arrow spam made anyone of my old followers (meaning pre-Arrow) watch the show and ship Olicity. And you come with this post! Can i say YAAAY!